Hardline Rail Services is a 100% mobile, 24/7 preventative maintenance and repair company specialized in nationwide railroad equipment and infrastructure. Our objective is to increase your equipment’s life cycle, maximize your assets’ economical value, insulate you from production-draining downtime, and alleviate profit-stealing catastrophic failure.


At Hardline Rail, we want to provide top-notch service to the railroad industry with our highly skilled workers and specifically designed equipment.


We strive for a family atmosphere, and we like to get to know our customers and employees on a personal level. Hardline Rail strives to provide quality work while maintaining personal and professional relationships. We are a “knuckle to knuckle” service.


Hardline Rail provides competitive filter and oil pricing. We have a wide range of material on hand in order to provide better service to our customers’ emergency repair needs. Having these materials helps us decrease downtime for our customers. We have acquired many resources to help our customers, like our multiple part vendors and our shops that have varied engine components.


Our technicians come from several backgrounds, from vast military experience to complete locomotive rebuild experience. Our technicians are required to take multiple safety courses as well as any required certifications.


Hardline Rail promotes safety, and we currently have no recorded injuries since our start in 2016.