At Hardline Rail, we pride ourselves in performing all types of inspections for your locomotives. The most common inspection types are the 92-day, 368-day and 1,104-day locomotive inspections. We also offer a monthly inspection that can be specifically designed to meet your needs.


Monthly inspections ensure that all of your locomotives are being looked at each month instead of just quarterly. We have several clients who are using this program and have found that after the first few months of implementation that the monthly inspections are paying for themselves. The results have included reduced locomotive downtime with raised availability and compliance, creating a greater utility leading to higher profitability and lower safety risks.


Inspections are designed to ensure that your locomotives remain compliant and in service, running at max efficiency.


We are a qualified  locomotive inspector with decades of combined experience.


We maintain a record of all the locomotive inspections that were made and run them in every further locomotive inspection.


If you are interested in a professional and reliable service company, contact us at (877) 814-0458 for more information.