One of our specialties is the installation of self-aligning couplers. The purpose of these couplers is to hold the train cars together and to absorb as much force as possible to prevent mishaps. Self-aligning couplers are designed to reduce slack between the cars, while being fluid enough to adjust to the track while traveling and braking. This not only creates a more enjoyable and less bumpy ride, but accommodates for the possibility of jackknifing.


Jackknifing is a form of derailment where the cars fold into each other, creating an angle similar to that a pocket knife that isn’t fully closed. Jackknifing can occur due to excessive forces acting upon one another. The most common example is when a locomotive is coming to a stop. Inertia from the back cars are still carrying the force of a speeding train, while the actual locomotive is gradually declining in speed resulting in the cars to fold in on each other and derail.


Our professionals are experienced in the proper installation of self-aligning couplers and follow standards set by the FRA.